Humiliation is a huge part of my D&S relationship. My sessions start with the fact that my female dominate mate, brings in friends to watch and participate in the session. It starts with an inspection of my body under a bright light in the middle of the room. I am clean and shaved, and have oil over all the places that will be inspected. I stand with my legs spread and wait for instructions. My Dom and her friend look at my face and make sure I'm cleanly shaved, i am told to lift my **** and balls so they can see that they are shaved. Then i'm told to turn around and bend over, holding my cheeks apart so they can inspect my hole to see how clean it is. They humiliate me with their comments about the size of my hole, saying that since they butt **** me on a regular basis it has gotten bigger. I'm told to show some pink while I'm bent over, I have to spread my butt hole till the pink part is showing. They call it my *****, and tell me how pretty it is. They will make me get on the floor, and stick my *** as far in the air as it will go. Spread for all to see, while they talk to each other and have drinks.
     The whole time I must keep my *** in the air. Then without notice, a butt plug is shoved in my hole. They comment on how I must hold it in and clench my cheeks. I can't tell you how humiliating that is, except to tell you that I'm told to speak at any time, and I must tell them what it feels like, and what I'm thinking about. It's humiliating enough to have one of her friends see my most private parts, but to have to tell them way it feels to have a butt plug pushed in my ***, is humiliation at it's best. Before it's all over, I'm mounted from the rear with a strap on, and ****** till she ****. I'm told to stay with my *** in the air so they can see my ****** hole, and tell me how big it is, until I'm mounted by the friend, and ****** again. After every ones finished I must stay with my *** in the air just in case someone else drops by.

stingme stingme
51-55, M
Sep 24, 2012