My First Limits List

I have produced a list for my dom of what i will try and wont. I only have two things i am not comfortable trying. I am looking foward to exploring myself and the reactions that follow. I dont currently have any limits as i have taken all of his tying, spanking, whipping and challanges with great care. I feel so much more closer to him than i have anyone.
He is my dom and i will kneel ready and waiting for his commands.
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Your Dom is very lucky and I am glad you are exploring yourself and all the wonderful pleasures out there. Enjoy my dear.

i do and love most of it although i am looking foward to trying out new ways. Having someone take control where you have to beg is such a turn on.

me my no-no hard limits is a bit longer than that

So what are your 2 no go areas???

i think its enemas and needles im not sure about. It sounds silly but my yes list is a page long so far.

umm needles i can undestand enemas are not so bad but wow that dos leave a lot of yes things ummmm kinky arnt we lol

Just a bit. lol my dom must be lucky then x

hahaha very if you fully understand your yes list?
i know it not possible to write everything down so what happens if you have missed something? would that be a yes or no?

Well my dom checked it over and said it was fine. Although i havent wrote wether they are hard or soft limits yet. Im sure he will punish me if i have forgotten something or refused a task.

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