I am a very experienced mature dominant who enjoys talking with others about their experiences and needs. If you need advice or mentoring, either for serving or dominating, feel free to ask me and I will be happy to talk. I am most open and do not pass judgment on others. I do enjoy the extreme and taboo as well as the more normal d/s experiences.

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there are a couple of sites that you can join for free that may be helpful in your search, though as always online you must be able to determine if someone is serious or not, which can be difficult, do if you begin conversing with someone, do not meet them until after a long series of discussions, and then if you decide to meet, it is only for an introductory meeting and in a public place, such as a coffee shop.

Having said all that, here are two sites you may enjoy. collarme.com and fetlife.com...If you need help negotiating the sites , let me know....I prefer private email if possible. I apologize for disappearing earlier this month, but I have been ill, but I am better and shall look here daily.


i am trying to figure out whether or not i am a Dom/sub, and i can't help but to keep circling around sub. I have always considered myself to be an Alpha Female because i am independent and make all the decisions in my day to day life whether i want to or not. Im just a take charge kind of person i guess and always have been especially in relationships and even when i was married my ex-husband just didnt step up to the plate so i was forced to make all the decisions and handle everything that came along even in the bedroom. The reason why i believe i am a sub in and out of the bedroom (if this makes sense) is because I want a man to take control and I want to be taken care of. I want to be dominated.

So i guess my question is how do i find someone who wont abuse me or make me a slave etc...but will give me what i need and want?

what would you recommend for someone in finding a dominant for a d/s relationship? its got to be sooo hard to find.