Developing A Seamless M/s Relationship

I have been lately been considering what it means to have a seamless M/s dynamic.

  I should first and foremost define seamless as creating a solid blend between our everyday worlds and M/s. Do we always have compartments for our vanilla and then our D/s is reserved for behind closed doors?
   Myself I like to find ways that both can be intertwined. Oh, I still remember rule number 1," don't scare the vanillas" but I challenge myself and my slave to maintain our continuity with subtle protocols and rituals in the public.
   I would like to know what other do to also matain the "seamless" appearnce to the relationships.
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

So much of it is in the mind and not in the particular action, anyway, I think. I once had a conversation with someone talking about how interesting it is that one might look at a set of pictures and not know who is the Dom and who is the sub. The one example comes to mind, is giving a bath. I think that watching it happen, someone may be able to tell the 'location' of the power, but a snapshot makes it more difficult. The one being washed could be being serviced by a slave, or maybe it is a babygirl being washed by her Daddy (just two of the possibilities). For us, it's more of an issue to stick to rituals which re-focus us on our commitment to each other (like stopping to kiss Him when I enter the house - it's minor, but it enforces the commitment, and breaks us out of the logistics of daily life). So, we are still at that hump - before even getting to, "okay, now how do we maintain some sort of power exchange while out and about?" Somehow, I think that the key is to make sure that our relationship to each other remains a priority - then even if we are just out shopping, He & I still feel like I belong to Him: this could just be a fantasy though because we still find ourselves too bogged down by the energy of the "everyday".