My man & I started out our sexual relationship pretty standardly.

We are both pretty kinky and talk about A LOT of different ideas and scenarios. Over the years this has only intensified exponentially. A couple years ago he bought a chastity belt for himself for his birthday. He spoke with me about it before hand to make sure I was on board. I'm always willing to try new stuff out so I gave him the thumbs up.

At the beginning it went like this... he would put it on (his decision, not a request or a demand from me) and I would torture him, making him horny and him not being able to become erect but his **** trying very *lol* hard to do so... This would continue for 3 days when I was so fixated on his **** that I would unlock him & we'd have great sex ofc. At this point the fact that it was locked up and unavailable played mind tricks on me. I had to have what wasn't 'available'. Ya get me?

We both enjoyed that experience.

NOW we're at a point where he has told me he wants to be my slave for months! He told me this in October and he said he would be my slave for the rest of the *year*. Well I wasn't going to reject his gift... He bought me a paddle and has been getting lots n lots of spankings. He has stayed locked up for weeks at a time. He likes the mental focus that being in the state of constantly horny puts him in. He also likes being SO focused and attentive to me. Hehe.. I like that part too.

There's lots more about the experience with him being locked up that I could share, but I want to share something that is somewhat a tangent.

Going through this fun with him has made me curious as to what it would be like with some role reversal. I very naturally settle into the dom role but am curious to see what it would be like to be the one being told what to do or forced to do things. I know that I will struggle to keep my dom nature at bay and try to embrace being sub... IDK! In theory it sounds like a great time but I am worried that I'll tell him what to do to me? I guess in essence being a dom pretending to be sub by making him dom me. It's all a tad overwhelming. I'd like to read more about women who are subs and what their every day lives are like. Sexual encounters as well as normal daily interaction with their dom. M dom or F dom either is cool, I'd like to learn more ^^
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i am a slave and have been for a long time. i do whatever Master tells me to do with no question of why. he is kind but very strick with me. i could live no other way.

What a cool story. Obviously your guy slid down the path a lot faster than you did, but you've had a good time going along for the ride. I can't give you the exact perspective that you're looking for, but I can say that everyone experiences this differently. You need to decide for yourself what it is you're truly searching for, and then jump in with both feet. You'll also need to be able to figure out if your guy can get into the proper mindset to do this experiment with you. It seems that he's so far into his own kink that... well, he might not be able to pull up. Sure, he'll do anything you ask... but you'll wind up topping from the bottom. You might get the right flavor, but you won't get the whole meal. Anyhow... I look forward to seeing more about your experiences... hopefully you'll keep us updated!

I hope I am not overstepping here, I understand that you are looking for female perspectives and I hope you get many. However, although I am a male I have been in both roles of Dominant and submissive and have a little insight into those fun temporary switches.

I think it's great you want to try switch for a bit. Let me caution you, you are still very new at being a Domme and still trying to feel out that role. In my humble opinion you need to spend a good 6-8 months fully Dominating your sub hubby before switching. You need to explore all the aspects of training, punishing and humiliating your sub before you can assume that role yourself. After that offer him a "sub Holiday", this would be a very specific number of days predetermined by you when you will temporarily switch.

Get yourself in the right mindset before hand. Months before hand when punishing him note his responses, consider what you wish he would do. Study the stories of fem/subs put yourself in the scenario and imagine yourself responding. Think seriously about what you will and will not allow yourself to be put through and discuss these with your sub Long before you switch. For 2 days prior to switching ignore him. Don't have sex, don't scold or punish, don't let him apply his chastity belt, don't allow either of you to **********. For those 2 days simply get yourself mentally prepared. Read as much femsub material and stories as you can for those 2 days. As a Domme you will NEED this time to change direction mentally.

The morning you begin your role wake him up with a B J as an obvious and overtly submissive gesture assuring him you are his now (for the predetermined time). When your time is up give yourselves a couple of days to regroup before assuming your FemDomme relationship.

Good Luck my Dear!!