Not Going Back To Vanilla

After having an exerperience and training as a sub i have decided to continue to live in the fetish world and not hide my need to be a sub. I have found an amazing group to be able to talk to and attend mettings as a society. I am excited to join the group, find a new dom/master to be a slave to. Be owned, collar and lead. I am also looking to go to a fetish club with master to show ownership by him.
This is a need, i intend to make my master happy and be a good little **** girl.
I now feel safer knowing i have these people close by to talk to and find the one to honour and obey. :) ;) :P.
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Good for you! ^^ Just be careful, these 'society's' or scenes are not always full of sane, friendly people.
Of course the majority is just regular people from a lot of walks of life, but some are a lot more dangerous.
It can open a world of unimaginable joy for you, but also ruin your life, just be prepared and keep using your mind. :-)

What Scar said!
Also, keeping reading and educating yourself outside of the group too. There is a lot of valuable information in books and on the internet.

Thank you for your comments. Its a student one so it shouldnt be too bad. Its hard picking a dom and knowing who is right.

You're lucky to discover as a young woman and stick with it. When I was young, I was introduced to my Dom side, the relationship ended, and I walked away from it, thinking I had not been changed. I spent years toying with BDSM on the side, as I tried to find fulfilment in vanilla relationships. 20 years later, I'm ending my last attempt at a vanilla relationship (a marriage, unfortunately), and embracing what I truly enjoy. It took me 20 years to discover what you've decided. Good Luck and God bless. Stay in touch! I'd like to hear about your progress and (hopefully) success!