My Best Friend And I Do It All The Time.

Back when I was in high school and not really allowed to be nude a lot because of my parents, I would go to my best friend's house since she loved to be naked too and her mom worked all day most days. I would actually just walk home with her after school, we'd walk into her house, close the door, get naked, and just talk about things and do our homework (which made the homework more enjoyable.) We'd sit for hours on her couch in the nude, discussing whatever. Our day, our thoughts, our issues. And the conversation always flowed. A funny story too, one time we went to her house and her mom was there. We tried talking, but we couldn't keep a conversation going so well. We then realized that it was because we were clothed, so we went into her room, locked the door, and the conversation picked up again. Eventually we even got 3 more friends to join us and we just had this nude group of 5 girls in my friend's living room every weekday talking as if nothing were different about us. There is little I like more than just having a group of naked people to talk with.

Even to this day, my friend and I make it a point to always have our discussions in the nude.

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Good for you!

Great story. Truth and nudity often go hand in hand. You had the good fortune to make this an integral part of your friendship.

I like to meet people for the first time when we're both nude.

This is like a reversal of picturing someone in their underwear but instead you picture them in clothes because clothes suck. It's awesome how being naked can make something simple as a conversation more enjoyable.

Do I understand correctly? You and the other four girls didn't think you had any lesbian tendencies, you just enjoyed being unclad together. Is that about it?<br />
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There is a group of three girlfriends in Italy that grew up very close, and when they were becoming women and dating, one found the "ideal" guy and was expecting a proposal and excitedly anticipating saying "Yes!" When she shared her excitement, her friends realized that as they all got married and had families of their own, their friendship would take a backseat, and they would visit sometimes, but loose the closeness they had always known. They were bummed!<br />
<br />
Then it occurred to them that they could all marry the great guy the one was dating. They thought about that awhile, and decided to propose to him. Well, it took him a few days to accept the idea, but he agreed. They have a been a marriage of one man and three wives for over twenty years now. <br />
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Women need close friendships with other women. Nude friendships is a little interesting, but why not? Sad to have those youthful friendships end. <br />
<br />
What if you found a way to continue such closeness?

I th9ink it is wonderful that you can... I havent yet found anyone who is willing.... :-(

When the barriers are down, it is easier to be open.

Sounds like you had a great nude experience growing up, wish I could have been that free at your age. I am sure that made your growing up that much more enjoyable.

Obviously intelligent and educated lady.

Haha naked truth is what we called it too hahaha

That seems like a great bonding.

Yeah, that's what we did actually. It did amke it easier to do. I didnt include it in the story because I felt it wasnt important. I'm gonna edit it now though.

You definitely come across as an educated person, so you no doubt got a good education. But did it ever occur to you to do your homework together like that? Probably would have made those subjects a lot more enjoyable, or at least somewhat more tolerable.

btw, what part of the country do you live in?