My Dear Dear Friend..

my dear dear friend,

sometimes i ask u to be here when in reality i know u are here but i cant see u-u are always here,i just need to see.

my dear dear friend,

i love how u give me laughter and smiles and not only me but to others too.

u are a treasure my friend..

u bring the sun to my darkness.

why sometimes i cant see u?when everything seems dark...well  i know u r here and i should always know u are in my heart and i should search inside my heart so i can always see u.

*sends letter to happiness*

amysangels amysangels
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5 Responses Mar 9, 2010

thanku lv*many hugs*

Such a sweet and beautiful post

hehe shh :)<br />
thank u candy*<br />

sweet thoughts Angels are always in ur/our hearts! *Beautiful as U!! hugs many! *Smiles too are lov :)

hugs kristee*needed to write this ,and now i feel better :)