Letting wife have Sex with her Ex BF from School

My wife has a fantasy about sleeping with her ex who was her first love and showed her many things. He was the on to take her virginity. She is wondering what sex with him would be like again, because he seemed good at everything else he did. We've being married 20 years and in July will be going back where her ex is. We both are having mixed thoughts about sharing her yet we are now possessed with the thought. She had sex with a stranger few years back but since then I am her one and only and I would like to see her do it to her EX BF or another man. She wants to fulfill her fantasy, she is so eager to be shared and gets so horny when we talk about it. We both now know that none of us are going anywhere and a little spice of jealousy would do wonders for our sex life. This would have to be the biggest turn on for our relationship, remember sharing is caring.
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I'm a very caring, sharing person ; )

GO FOR IT if she's really into trying it !

It looks that you're both looking forward to it so do enjoy having sex with your ex and enjoy watching it (or join in..)

would be so hot,, happened with my wife during a short separation,, with her high school boyfriend,,, I still come thinking and hearing about it, 20 years later

My hubby wants me to have sex with other and, now, I do agree ! We tried two times a belgium swinger's club. We were very new and have not yet had sex with other. But I am sure this will happen !

It sounds like you and your wife are on the same wavelength. I hope it works out, and enjoy fantasizing about it.

That seems like a major turn on for you both !


loved the last line. you both are great.

Do you not completely satisfy her?

Has she acted on this yet?

Nice. It's always a turn-on when your wife wants an old flame - there's an aura of familiarity there, she'll be comfortable underneath him, and later, - you will be the benefactor!

That would be my biggest turn on if my wife ****** her ex boyfriend that took her virginity. She says he was the best she ever had

Sharing is caring and shows how much love you have for her and how much love she will show you in return ... lick lick her sweet sexy love box..

Try it and enjoy it could be lots of fun ..

you should let her enjoy her fantasy...she would show u her sluttiness when...

That is pretty hot...

The last statement is true..."sharing is caring" and both parties (husband and wife) needs to follow through. Helping the spouse to obtain their desires is, in itself, very rewarding and satisfying.....Cheers!

sounds very hot to wife sexts her old bf pretty often, we have sent him pics, some of which I have posted on our page, he only got to feel her **** in HS, I'd love to watch them **** and join in

Proceed with extreme caution!


Sounds hot.

i think its better fou both for her to first have sex with a strager man. she might still have some kind of feelings about him so to meet him will be not a pure sex episode.

What an intriguing concept......curious as to how this turns out!

As long as you are both into it, go for it. Sharing can be one the hottest experiences ever.

sounds very interesting. the hardest part for you my man will probably be getting over the jealaousy aspect. once you do, if you really want to watch her and another guy, you will go crazy. it is such a turn on to see it personally. if at all possible, video tape it. you will always have it around for you both. good luck and keep us posted...

It could just be that she remembers it as being great 20 yrs ago....and it wouldn't be now.
SHe may end up dissappointed.
Might be better if she found someone new that she can trust and then explore.

hey its yall marriage & life :) i say go for it :) lifes to short :)

Hope this goes the way you both want it to, and I sure do hope you post a story about it!

I have let my wife to have sex with one of her ex bf... As long as things don't get complicated its find

Hope it works out for the of you. I am sure the ex would love sink his **** in her after all these years