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Hey, it's kailee, I'm 14 years old and Ive already been through more **** than most adults.:P Don't know where to begin so I guess.. Well I live with my dad cuz my mom doesn't want us I've been without a mom since I was 7 so my dad has to play both mom and dad:P my little sister died last february, my really close grandma died a couple years ago, me and my dad always fight which sucks:P I'm always getting in trouble at school cuz I don't care about anything anymore I'm living my life how I want and trying to be as happy as I can. Well that's not all but it's a little bit. Also I'm bi but I've never told anyone and it sucks cuz I was in love with my beat friend but she moves and I never got to tell her how I really feel abou her): so that sucked.. And now I talk to other people not in my school so people don't find out which sucks cuz I really just want to come out and tell that I like girls. But I would lose so many friends and my dad would kill me so I don't know what to do. If you want to talk and help me count or message me?
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It sounds like you have had it really tough. First, I'm sorry for your losses. It's hard at your age to come out of the closet. You may need to risk losing your friends. They should support you and some may. Take the risk, everyone will eventually get over it if they love you

All right, so you're closeted and you think your dad would lose his mind if he knew you were bi. here's what I think:
1) Stop fighting with your dad. He's killing himself trying to be mom and dad to you, and you're making his life and yours that much harder than it has to be by fighting with him. Would it kill you to be nice to him and do what he asks you to do? sheesh.
2.) How does your dad act when he sees stuff about gays on tv? has he ever expressed any opinion either way about gays in general?
3.) It doesn't sound like you're real close with your dad, and you probably don't confide in him a lot, so you probably don't really know how he'll react. Try talking about the subject in some casual way, and see how he reacts. The likelihood is that he's not stupid, and he'll guess why you're bringing it up, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

That's a great reply:)

I am a in the closet bi too and my mom would kill me. Message me if you need to talk because I understand how you feel.