Ever Feel That Your Partner's Past Lover Got The Best Of Her?

Ever since my partner and I got back together 9 months ago, I feel that the love she had for her ex, I can't compare with. I ran into some emails from back in the day she sent to her ex...this is before we ever got together...and i read some of the things she said to her and she made it very clear that she loved her ex and that she would do anything to follow her anywhere and blah de blah...she even called her ex the same thing she calls me and she said some really romantic things to her ex. but yet she doesn't saying anything like that to me. she said in her email that her ex was the love of her life and she can't see herself being with anyone else. This statement she has said to me as well! I've got alot of things going through my head right now......am i reaching for something that is not there?...this makes me feel a certain kind of way... :(
sdcleaningsvcs sdcleaningsvcs
26-30, F
Jan 13, 2013