Lust Or Lust For Her?

She perfect! A 20 something year old,sophistacated,respected and my brothers pre-school teacher. Best of all a lesbian.
Id wake up early on my days off work to take my brother to school just so i could catch a glimpse of her. Ushering the children inside with a smile i stand and day dream about her. Knowing none of my fantisice would come true because shes much to perfect for me.

Little did i know the best was yet to cpme.i got to work in the school to gain experiance for my collage

degree. A week of pure bliss,getting to watch her from across the staff room but oh no it fot better. I had the pleasure of working in her class. I spend the first hour on the first day staring deep into her eyes and not listening to anything she had to say. Then they called my lunch break just as the children left for
I had left my purse in the class
room. I walked back briskly into the room and was starteled to see she was in the room. She smiled,and gave a grin. And said "i wondered how long it would take you to come back for me". And at that fire works exploded.
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Jan 14, 2013