Prejudice sucks. Big Time! I need to share something that's been bothering me for a while and i have no one to talk to right now. I love my family and friends, and i love my home. However, i can never truly be myself and i cannot leave. I am a woman who loves other women, i am also a Nigerian and i am a muslim. I can't chat with people online, because the minute i mention i am from Nigeria, everyone assumes it is some 'scam'. The best International websites for meeting people don't have Nigeria on the list. I cannot be attracted to another woman and approach her for fear of prosecution. I lived in South Africa for about 11 years, the best years of my life, but i decided to come home because i missed my family and i got a fantastic job offer i couldn't refuse.

I met a girl through a mutual friend when i got back last year, but that didn't work out because she wanted to get married to a man, have a family and settle down. Since December i have been trying to connect to other women but no luck anywhere. I LOVE my job - it has given me the chance to afford a comfortable lifestyle. But at the end of each day, i come to an empty house. I talk to and see friends and family. I attend events, i read, i watch tv and i sleep.

I am so miserable and it is almost at a point where i am wondering if anyone would miss me if i am gone. I am living a miserable, lonely existence. Everyday, i shake off the misery, get productive and be the lovely, happy person everyone wants me to be. But i lack companionship. I crave the feeling of just holding someone.

I know not all cases of Nigerians moving abroad come with justification, but sometimes people need to know that there are genuine reasons for wanting to leave a Country that holds no future for some of us.
Angelaleemarino Angelaleemarino
Aug 30, 2014