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Would you rather give or receive a BLOW JOB ,Be a top or Bottom in ANAL SEX ?
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36 Responses Dec 6, 2012

I'd rather give a ******* but enjoy receiving almost has much i'VE NEVER BEEN A TOP OR BOTTOM BUT WOULD MUCH RATHER BE A BOTTOM MY FIRST TIME


1. Suck ****
2. **** a sissy ***.
3. Get a *******.
4. Get ******.

Then again, a real hot, high heeled tranny could put whatever she wanted to do at the top of the list.

I'd rather give a blow job. As far as anal sex goes I don't care either top or bottom is great. It would be nice to be the cream in an oreo cookie (My **** filling one guy while another fills me).


Never given a bj or had anal. I know, straight guys, right?

Probably would prefer to receive a bj, but am curious about receiving both.

I love the taste of *** so I have to say I prefer to give blow jobs & I always prefer to be a bottom partner. My ideal partner would be another sissy-boi. xox

I could only be on the other end of a ****

I'd rather give a Blow Job.then be on top riding him, and then swallow his load !!

I am a **** sucking bottom

Give. Doggie for anal on top for vaginal sex

I thought most women liked bottom for V sex

Id love to give a blow job..and bottom all the way..

I really want to give a blow job. Although I do want to top, I really want to feel a man losing control as he gets ready to release, so bottom


I would do all in sequence, sucking (mutual) to start, bottom, then more sucking and then top :)

Just to experiment I say both give and receive, and both top and bottom

Give a blow job

Receive and be on top

give a *******, then top, it is a huge rush when my knobs pops in past the anal ring and hearing the blurt out the bottom always makes and then sliding it in in a smooth long stroke and staying there balls deep to feel the pressure on your **** while his *** stretches.

Give world class deepthroat to near completion and then bottom out for every last drop of *** he has!!

Give a blow job

******* for sure.

Definitely add me to the list that would rather give a blow job and and be the bottom than the other way around. Hard ***** in me, shooting *** :)

I would so much rather give a blow job and be a bottom. I am so submissive and girly.

Since I have never as an adult been with another man I would ove one that would let me suck his **** and thenbe hos bottom but I would also like to slide my **** in his *** or recieve a BJ fter we cleaned up

give recieve an bottom



Alway give more than receive and prefer bottom

I prefer being a submissive bottom, receiving anal intercourse


Still would like to try giving a blow job while both of us are wearing pantyhose :)

I'd have to say that after "being" gay all of my life that WHATEVER kind of male-to-male sex it is,oral OR anal,I have and will ALWAYS enjoy it ANYWAY!

I definitely love giving a blow job!! Mmmmm, having hot *** fill my mouth!!
Anal, I definitely prefer to recieve, any way I can!!!

I love sucking **** and swallowing and I am a total love to be the good wife or your sweetheart

I want **** inside me, my mouth and my sissy ***** my man can suck and play with my swollen ****.

I would rather give a blow job than receive and I am a total bottom