What's Liberal Muslim?

i wanna join Liberal Muslim to keep in touch and know more about it
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sorry i mean they become famous day after day

Liberal Islam is a movement of Islamic renewal of the concepts in a manner consistent with the manner of modern life there is no need for the veil (head scarf), for example .. It can accommodate the movement of their place day after day

Ok This is what I wish for women. For centuries they have been oppressed by men under false pretenses. I am 100% with you in this fight, despite being agnostic, not atheist. I don't follow any established religion, but I respect them if they respect women and people in general ...

me too.. In fact I became a Christian Catholic, because I did not find the application of the concept of liberal Islam in the Arab country that I live it .. and I invite you to follow the news revolution of Arab women and support in various ways

Oh, dear. This should not be easy for you ... I am bothered. But I follow the cause of Arab women very carefully, because I am a feminist. They deserve all the respect and protection, as all women in this world ..

Yes, explain me what is a liberal Muslim ? I'm curious :)