Why Not?

I've had three experiences with this. The first was a maybe - but since it was also the best ***** I ever ate I'm going to believe I did get to her *** hole. She was a young woman with a ********'s body.  I was working from the front stretched out between her legs and she was sort of laying back. The thing I really likedwas that she really took charge and held my head in her hands and directed the action. I know I tried to cover the whole area from **** to *** hole.

The second time was just after my third wife and I had decided that she would be in charge and I would be the submissive in the relationship. She was laying across my chest with her beautiful butt near to my face. I only had to twist a little bit to begin licking at the top of her cleft. I gradually worked my way down as my hand began to stroke her front. By the time my tongue reached her butt hole my finger was working her ****. She exploded.

The third time a friend "with benefits" was visiting and spent the night in my bed. We started by me giving her a back rub. Then she told me to bite her back. Gladly. Then I worked my way down until I was biting her butt cheeks and I had rolled her so that she had her front flat on the bed. (Well as flat as it could be considering the size of her ****.) I spread her legs so that I could kneel between them. I gently separated her butt cheeks until I could get my face in between them and my tongue could reach her *** hole. She let me continue until she could hold out no longer and reach her ******. Nice.

MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy
70+, M
Feb 17, 2010