Oh God I've Taught My Children to Do It Too

 Every once in a while I give them a lick in the morning as I try to get them out of bed.  It bugs the heck out of them.  They never forget I did it either.  Once they're fully awake and perhaps home from school.  We'll sit doing homework and I'll get a surprise lick from one of them right up the side of my face....lol. 

I was taking a nap yesterday afternoon "spring break" and my daughter (6 years) just walked up and licked my forehead....lol.  I told myself...I don't care I'm going to pretend as if I'm still sleeping.  Didn't work.  I had to wipe it off....lol

Yep, we catch each other off guard from time to time.  Its just something I  (now we) do.

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7 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I think, this experience is of licking vagina and penis, and not of licking cheeks and forehead.
When I began reading your story of licking your son/daughter, I was shocked, how U could lick your son's penis or daughter's vagina. Only when U mentioned 'forehead' the things were clear.


uhm ok

*licks you on the left side of your face* back :----))))))<br />
You are welcome my friend, anytime! :D

*licks you on the right side of your face* Thank you for reading my story Luvmc. You are such a great friend.

HAHA, I can only imagine how shocked your kids must have been the first time, they felt you give them a little lick. I love this story ICL. You have a fun loving personality.:D <br />

Lol. You and my boyfriend would get along great. He's always randomly licking my face. I think it's a sweet gesture between you and your children. I bet it makes them feel loved and yes, probably annoyed, too.