Grrr My Mother In Law Licked Me!

okay so i am slow dancing with my fiancee's mother and she's being really sweet but then all of a sudden i feel her wet tongue slide in my ear!! yuck!!! she ran off the dance floor laughing and John(fiancee) gave her a high five!

goldwaffles goldwaffles
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5 Responses Mar 17, 2009

That's hilarious she gave you a wet willy. She sounds like tons of fun lol

Sounds like you were set up with her ,buy the son. Like they both wanted something on you --so you could not get anything out of them. Also sounds like she is a lizzie.

hmmm - what kind of lady is she? seems like she might like multiple 'friends' :-)

because she liked the song and no one wanted to dance so she grabbed me

you do look lickable :) lol thats for damm sure

ok first of all that seems gross and second.. why were you dancing with ur fiances mother?

Hi DepressedMommy,
I fully agree with you.