Reasons Why Most People Say “nothing” When Asked “what’s Wrong?”

(from my tumblr account)

1. They don’t feel like explaining because they’re afraid you won’t understand.
2. It’ll make them feel worse if they do because the subject is just being brought up again.
3. They don’t know what’s wrong.
4. Privacy / Personal space
5. Afraid of being judged.
6. They don’t want anyone worrying about them.
7. Tired of hearing the lie that “It’ll be alright.”
8. Its obviously about you.
9. They just don’t want to talk about it.
10. There’s actually nothing wrong, they just don’t want to talk to you.

Same reasons apply to why i lie about how i feel. I really don't want to be judged, worried and talked about, and i don't want to explain myself because i don't expect them to understand. And i really don't want to talk about my feelings to family and friends. I can only tell my deepest feelings to my boyfriend (if i'll have one, LOL)

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thanks for the advice. just thinking about it is refreshing. will definitely do it. hope i could do it right.

Well its always good to have someone to spill your guts to,,,but its not good to hold on to that stuff either,,,,so I just wanted to tell you how to get rid of feeling that may over welem you at times,,,go outside stand on the ground bearfooted,,,,do some deep breathing,,,and close your eyes,,,focus on the Earth mother and feel her heart beat under your feet,,,now visiualize her color coming from the ground and feeding into your feet,,,,filling your body with her energy,,,,breath in her color,,,its purple,,,,when you are full the color shoots out the top of your head and goes to heaven,,,,the fathers energy falls down and surround you with his color,,,which is white,,,breath the Father and Mother energy in together,,,,when you feel like you have some release on the negative feeling we all sometime get,,,it works,,,and bring you comfort till you find your one,,,Love and Light Mary