Just Call Me Pinnochio

Ever have one of those days that you set aside to all your catching up? Such as errands, house cleaning, paying bills, etc....I have so many of those days. Just the other day I took my child to the sitter and planned on catching up on alot of things. So I get to my house and the first thing I do is put a load of laundry on. Feeling like I had really accomplished alot I decided to do the other house work. Well when I'm at home alone I have to have the tv on. Its like a security blanket for me. Bad move though!!! My favorite tv show came on. Lie #1 " I'll do the dishes on commercial break". Commercial break hits. " Well I'm kinda hungry" By the time I've fixed my food and eaten it I've wasted 30min. Then I realize that the tv watching and the stuffing myself full has made me a bit tired. Lie #2 " I'll lay down for an hour and get back to my house work." I wake up more drained than before I napped. So I decide " Well, I'll run to town and pay some bills. Maybe I'll feel better once I get out." I go to town and pay one bill, and on my way to the store I stop at the work place to pick up my paycheck. While there a friend walks in and asks what I'm doing. I tell her I'm just out and about and she asks me to come over to her house and visit for a while. Sure!!! Lie #3 I'll just visit for a little while and then go back home and finish my house work and pay some bills online. I was at her house for 3 HOURS!!! OMG, I have to go and pick my child up and get home!!! So I pick my kid up and head home. When I get there I throw my now clean clothes in the dryer and start a new load. My kid is getting really clingy and starving for attention so I Lie to myself for the 4th time" I'll wait for her nap and do some more cleaning." Finally, she's out like a light. I run some dish water that turned out to be scalding hot!!! Lie #5 I'll let that cool down and in the mean time I'll dust the livingroom". I come to a shelf where my husband has a jar he throws all of his change, that just happens to be over-flowing and money is everywhere. "We can't have this can we?" I stop dusting and start rolling change. An hour later my child is awake and my dish water is freezing cold. But hey the laundry is done drying and the change is nice and neat! But by now the baby needs fed and bathed and supper needs to be put on. Once all that is done and the food is eaten, its time for me to be bathed and put into bed. I have wasted yet another day. Procrastination always gets the best of me. Only usually I put of so long I never go back to it. So I'm just lying to myself!!!
Luci Luci
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4 Responses Jul 12, 2007

I have those days too!

I read in a magazine that it helps if you put several 5min chores in a jar and when you've got 5min pull one out and do it. Such as while your put on hold on the telephone.

Yup, I've had those kind of days. I have decided that doing at least one thing a day is my new goal. Eventually it will get done. It is now my third day of doing laundry. Clothes and sheets are now done, now I just need to do the blankets. And eventually put away the laundry. Perhaps clean the floors. Firs tI have cookies to make though ;-)

Man! You have these days too??!! If you're a convencing liar to yourself... the house is spotless and ALL work is done! I think I'll try this myself!=}