Hell Yeah, I Wish I Didn't...

Hell yeah, I wish I didn't but to make it through life and to be happy, it's almost necessary to constantly lie (for me at least). Especially faking happiness, I always manage to make my sacrifices for others to be happy, I hate to be the person who causes problems, sadness or anger. If giving up what I want will satisfy others then so be it - I say things are alright even if they are seriously messed up, I smile when I actually feel like I wanna kill myself, I just say yes or agree to what other people want. That and the outright lying about stuff. Thinking about it can make someone feel like such a loser sometimes.
lupin136 lupin136
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 12, 2007

I can really relate to this...I always hide my feelings, just to make sure that others are happy. I wish that I didn't sometimes, but it is a sort of defense mechanism that I am good at...If only they knew, eh?