Hi My Name Is Nicole And Im A Liar

I have been lying since i can remember i don't know why i do it i don't know how to stop its like a part of me. Tonight i have finally come to terms that i am a pathological liar, I have hurt so many people in my life and tonight i lost my boyfriend. I lie for the stupidest reasons like what did i eat what did i do. I am so tired of lying so tired of not being able to just say the truth i feel as though this part of me has consumed my whole being. I am a mother of a wonderful 2 year old i would hate to mess up my sons life because of my lying i would hate for him to grow up with they same issues as me. I want out i want to be free i want to live and i want my boyfriend back i lost him for the stupidest thing i told him i was somewhere and i really wasn't there i was at my old job doing nothing bad doing nothing horrible i just lied for no reason i have hurt him so much he no longer respects me. How can i escape this how can be a free woman.

najlove najlove
18-21, F
Mar 14, 2010