I do this a lot.. I really must stop! What is funny is that when I looked at some of the stories in this group, they are mostly about younger people pretending they are older and mine is the opposite! I am in my late twenties, but look like I am in my early twenties. If people ask my age, I usually tell them to guess, and then don't correct them when they have said a younger age :/ Although sometimes I have actually lied outright and shaved a couple of years off my age...

Why do I do this? I guess I haven't achieved as much as I hoped I would have by this age, both in my personal life and in my career, and I am almost embarrassed to have reached this age and achieved so little. Plus I feel like I should still be in my early/mid twenties and if I can get away with it for now... why not?! (I am also freaking out a bit about getting so close to 30!). Oh well, this all sounds quite stupid, even to me! This is a habit I should really try to break, as I know deep down that honesty is best!
Damisela Damisela
26-30, F
Aug 15, 2014