Life Can Suck On My

Life does not leave me depressed just bored i am not emo nor despressed personally i enjoy life to some extent. Life for me is the same every day i get up go to school go home and then sit. Others in my class get up and go to school then stay in town for hous and hang out with their friendsand boy/girl friends... i dont and nor do i have a boyfriend now that doesnt mean i dont desire to have one and acctually i dont see why i dont have one. all of the girls that i know tha do have bf's are stupid and dont deserve one and also i dont know how their bf's put up with them i bearly can!!! all in all what i am trying to say is that dont see why the guys in my calss dont talk to me... i am not at all creepy, i sure as heck aint ugly that is for possitave, i am not whiney, nor do i smell, i am wierd but not that wierd (our school has way worse). I see my self as as real as you can get i dont worry about keeping my hair straight, i dont wear makeup at all, i dont worry about it if i have a ginormous zit i dont care what others think about me i dont care if they think my all time favorite band (FALL OUT BOY) is "so like tottally 2004" why should i listening to them makes me happy isnt that what matters. Doesnt any guys out there today want a real girl or do they only want tards?

Princess2013 Princess2013
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 6, 2010

yeah its very lame.most men want real women+u shud just b yourself