My Sad Life!!

on july 24th 2010 I have met a wonderful man who took my heart quick on july 30th 2010 we got together jan 28th 2011 he asked me to marry him on july29th 2011 we were married, the happiest day of my life. he never took his eyes off of me as I was walking down the alise (cant spell sorry) he made me feel so happy always trying to comfort me knowing I was nervouse we had a wonderful honey moon, this man spoiled me rotten and I spoiled him as well. We done so much together always helping each other out, he made my dreams come true. never knew I could be so happy I always dreamed of everything he was I wanted with my first husband but never got so I would sit and dream of the type of man I wanted and I finally got him but of course he had a drinking problem which ended his life on feburary 25th 2012 thats when I had to say pull the plug. which was the hardest thing I ever had to do. but so much more goes with that story but I just made it simple. I cry often, I will never forget him, he is always in my heart he made wrong choice by drinking and driving two tenths of a mile from home. watching him lay there like to kill me, he got thrown like 80 feet out of his truck a day I will never forget. dont ever drink and drive , he never did but the time he did landed him in icu for nine weeks until I had to say pull the plug but I hd no choice...
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36-40, F
Sep 17, 2012