where to start.? first i have been abused by alot of boyfriends for not giving sex up or something stupid like that. i been cheated on for the same reason. or because they were an @s$ i been raped and molested my whole life growing up my a family memeber it stopped when i was ten i was then raped by 4 other people. and almost raped 3 other times but i was saved. i have been stabbed a few times by friends and a ex held a knife up to me once because i wouldnt cuddle with him because i was cleaning his friends house witch was my job. my one old best friend loved knifes but he would torture me. he cut me a few times and almost killed his cousin and i saved him and i amost got my hand cut off. he has carved stuff in my arm.
BabyMane BabyMane
22-25, F
Aug 18, 2014