In 1981 I was in the British Army, one day we were stood to! And told we may be going to war, for the next five days confined in a hangar on a airbase, armed and ready to go... we had the time managed well, drill training, rifle cleaning, training on NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) war fare.

During the last day, shown maps of possible Russian nuclear strikes on England..... told your families will not live.

That night, in the early hours of the morning we were woken... told we had gone to the highest alert.... which meant the full dressing in NBC.....And get yourself ready for the worst!

And then they started to land... transporter plane after transporter plane. And then we were airborne.... was this really happening to me I was 21 I was going to war, a war where my personal life expect was hours.

We were airborne for 3 hours from the UK. In flight we were told the genove convention would not apply, we were to kill anything that still lived, be it man, women or child. That our target was the USSR. To expect forward of our positions friendly nuclear strikes.

We were given ANTI-Radation pills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

High as a kite ready to kill and die for my family. I was Superman my life expect was not hours.... it was weeks... revenge for my family would be sweet!!!! lets make sure this ******* rifle works... ! And let me of this plane now I want to kill!!!!! The tail gate of the plane was lowered in flight, behind, below , above it was like a WW2 movie... aircraft lights every where... a jet fighter appeared quite close... I could see the pilot thumbs up! I was part of a massive invasion force..... We were going to hit them very hard this was WW3.

Then they stood us down ... and put us on salisbury plains for two weeks lol,
disarmed us and let the drugs get out of us! we played real soldiers for two weeks with blanks!

Shortly after this the USSR folded, communists began to fall. The COLD war stopped being talked about... and now today we are nearly friends with Russia.

But no one seems to know about this night!!!

Since travelling europe for the last 11 months I have met.. One polish man that can remember polish tanks being outside of his house in 1981, he was a child. And an ex russian officer... who at the time would of been on the receiving end... and he can remember alot! The USSR stood down he told me, we had won the war without a shot fired! Victory to the West.

So why do governments lie to us keep things from us!!! delete what they want to from history.... why is this little known fact not well known!!!!

And how close have we came since???????????????

Like my Russian friend, I only know about this fact as I was part of it. Try to search yourself... you will find nothing about this conflict, I believe it was part of the USSR standing down, so they did not loss face to their population, an agreement was made that this never happened.

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In a way I can relate to your story, I also did military service and one thing I learned was to never trust a politician or government in general and that the military personnel in any country are just pawns on the chess board. Before conflicts they are usually reminded that if they fail then their families will be at stake, in order to get their blood pumping. Basically they spread propaganda in order to give their soldiers enough righteous anger in order to actually kill other human beings who are viewed as the enemy. In many countries this is taken one step further and the "God is on our side" method is used. What better reason for having a clear conscience about killing than the thought that God approves. Each military man should maybe stop to think that the "enemy" has been told similar **** by their leaders. They are going to try to kill us because they are also protecting their families/religion/culture. Meanwhile the leaders are using the military in some kind of ridiculous macho posturing while living the high life. I'll stop ranting now, I think that you know what I'm trying to say.:-)

Yes I can understand that which you say and I agree