Sometimes, My Life Really Sucks!!!!!

Ok, not to be mean or anything, but sometimes, aren't you even bored and tired from life itself?! What I mean is, you wake up from sleep, and head on to college, or for some people, work. When I go to my college, yeah, maybe I chat with my friends, have some fun but the rest of my time is just studying, studying, and plain old studying. I don't even have enough time for myself. Maybe I get a little on the internet, just wondering around, but my life (and not just me by the way) SUCKS!!!!! I also have lots of problems with some people that I'm sooo not comfortable with. Ok, maybe after a year or two years, I'll find a job, but still, now, instead of studying, I'll go to work, with my annoyinng boss, lol, and all I'd do is worry about my job, or marriage, or how to travel to another country if my kids were crying and were so annoying (i don hav kids, FOR NOW). I mean, I look at all of my life by that prespective, just boring and soooo exhausting. One of my important wishes, is to return to my childhood when all I'd do is have fun with my friends and relatives, have no burden on my chest, just be so pure. When I was a kid, all that I could ever think of was being a teen, acting as an adult, driving a fansy car with all of my friends, and have a cute boyfriend, but now I can give up almost everything to just have my childhood back at my parent's arms. But what can I do? it seems that not everything you wish for can turn out to be good.
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2 Responses Mar 26, 2007

Find a job you love. Be with people that are true friends. You don't even have to get married right at this very moment, just enjoy life! I'm going to be a tattoo artist which is, I know, odd, but hey at least I'll like it and have fun drawing. Just plan out which path will make you the happiest in life.

Well first off you are thinking of all the stuff not to look forward to. Their are great things in life you can do you just never found it or had passed at the thought of it. After you finish school and get a job you will have more time not studying and planing fun things to do. Everyone needs responsibilities. Your parents did when they raised you and now you have to start your own responsibilities. If they can you can. Just don't think of the passed and look to what is in front of you.