The Life Of A Scallywag

My name is kandeh, I born in Isligton, North London, England. On August 11th 1945,my Father came to England from french west Africa ,my Mother came from north wales.From as far back as l can remember,l alway felt like l did not fit in anywhere, coming from a family where rules were according to what mood my parents where in, l did not have many real bounderies,my Father was never there, being a gambler his life revolved around money, and sometime he had lots of it,and sometimes there was very little,my Mother tried her best,but l don,t think she really new how to love,as she never felt love herself ,she did not know how to be affectionate,l believe that came from her childhood.By the age of six years old,l was out on the streets of Islington making a living for myself . l had a barrow , made from pram wheels, l would chop wood ,bundle them up ,sell for three pence and six pence a bundle,l also stole washing ,and sold them as rags,to the rag and bone man,they never ask where they came from,but l am sure they knew.As l got older ,my life took different turns, because it was after the War , most the sreets of london where bombsites,and people where very poor. so stealing was every where in my childhood.By seven years old l had seen the inside of a police station ,by the age of eight years old l had my first court appearance which then be came a regular happening.At twelve years old l l was removed from the family home and placed in an approved school in sussex,l was to remain until l was fifteen years , there where cildren as young as seven years old,everybody left before there sixteenth birthday,l know of one person who stayed till they where sixteen.While l was here it was  the first time l got find out about sex,one of the House masters got sacked, at night he would take the younger boys to his room,and expose himself to them and make them touch him,this went on for a whole summer,before he was found out ,we all knew ,but were to frightend to say any thing,who would believe us anyway.By the age of fifteen and seven months, my time was up, sussex was later on to play a great part in my life.There,s more to came.

charleskandeh charleskandeh
61-65, M
Feb 21, 2010