My Story

i dont really know where to start, when i think about writing about this, it sounds quite silly because its not a big deal at all! but its taking over my life, i havent felt happy in months, is this how growing up was always going to be like? to be scared to love, to be scared to trust, to be scared of living.
As a kid i thought i was going to grow up to love and to be loved by everyone to have a man that i will be with forever and will only ever love that person, i thought i was going to live happily ever after, but now i realise that you really never are happy, but i guess if you dont have highs and lows your dead right?
Its just so hard i dont get why it has to be like this why people want to tear you down, till you reach the point that you cant do it anymore
dead14x dead14x
13-15, F
Dec 14, 2012