Why My Life Is Struggleing To Find Love

I am 26 years old mother with two girls, that I love, why do I get hurt in a realtionship? My oldest daughter wants me to find someone, and telling her that I have to be careful of who I get with is hard to explain but as time goes I feel that all guys want me is for sex. They dont want to get to know the inner me , or maybe it me. I dont know, i just know that being in a realtionship for three years and then getting push out into the world all over again is very hard, and scary. I know I am me but starting all over by getting to know a guy or making sure I say the right things knowing that I have two girls that i need to make sure is right for them its different now to me.
1 Response May 8, 2012

Absolutely! You can't have someone in your life unless your daughters come first. They are your blood. You can divorce husbands, you can't divorce your kids. They are yours for life! Anyway first off you have to BE yourself. ALWAYS. 2). Put sex on the back burner. This is hard, and may seem unrealistic, but get the know the guy for awhile first. See if it IS going to go into something more, then introduce the fun stuff. BUT Lay out your expectations once anyone seems like they want to stick around. They need to know that your kids aren't going anywhere and they are coming into a FAMILY. That requires commitment, responsibility and maturity. The guys needs will have to be put on the back burner and you have to enter into a partnership. You should not have to do it all yourself once you become a couple. Even though your kids are not HIS kids, they should be treated as though they are. Family counseling with the right guy too, will help. You have baggage, past relationship and children. Some guys are all about getting the fun stuff, but don't want the whole package. So you are right, you have to think about a lot more than just a fun time with a guy like you did pre-children. Be careful, take you time. GOD BLESS

Thank you, you are right.. My kids are first and i think i will be totally fine without guys, and even if one came up too me, I feel he will see all the hardwork i have done as being a single mother, with buying a house that i did recently and knowing that am doing it all on my own.. I just get alonely sometimes and knowing that when being in a realtionship for three years.. i still miss the warm and it not there, but as I feel GOD is doing this for a reason and soon my path of rightness will fall in place or in front me without me knowing .. Thank you