Middle Class 2 Poverty In Less Than 5 Months !!!

My name is Janet. I am 54 years old and been in nursing for more than 30 years as a health care professional. I never in my life would have believed that I would be sleeping on the ground now. Especially when just a few short months ago I lived in a well furnished (estimated value $138,000.00us) home with some small acreage : My little piece of heaven in the world.
I have worked in many areas of nursing, from hospital to home health ; skilled in nursing,teaching and administration but my one true love in nursing has and always will be geriatrics long-term care.
I located a job in small facility (family owned and operated), close to home. I took a large cut in pay and was employed through this company for more than three years (funny how we put faith in our employers) : On August 11,2011 I found out that I had worked 51 days on a lapsed licensed. I was in shock when I discovered what had happened. I quickly turned the care of my residents over to a qualified nurse, than took immediate steps to notify the board of nursing.
My employer lead me to believe that everything would be o.k. , I could use my vacation time, he would take care of it, etc. Needless to say it WAS NOT.
I payed the $125.00 dollar reinstatement fee for renewal of license application (and I would like to note here that my employer WOULD NOT co-operate on their end, my payment was on time but that doesn't really matter when the other end doesn't keep up). After two weeks I had not heard from the board, so I called them. They told me that they were behind and it was probably still on one of the workers desk, to give it another two weeks. I waited another two weeks, still no word from the board of nursing. I called them again this time I found out that my licensed had lapsed 3 days in June of 2000. I did received a letter at that time from the board of nursing warning me not to wait till the last minute to renew my license.
When I spoke to my employer about it she laughed and told me not to worry about it. In October 2011 I found out that my licensed had expired for three days in 2000 the board told me that it could be December or January before my case could be heard before the board. I was quickly terminated for misconduct and denied my unemployment claim ( I personally believed that misconduct was when someone KNOWINGLY did something wrong which I did not). I borrowed money and payed for attorneys and STILL lost everything by January. I was forced to sell everything that I had gained working my whole life.
JanetPierce JanetPierce
41-45, F
May 8, 2012