Life Sucks

I don't like life. that is to say I've never really enjoyed anything about my life overall. I've had a few friends (never that close to any of them at all) that I've enjoyed spending time with but eventually I just ended the friendships because those humans started to annoy me or I had just grown tired of them. I realize it's more than likely my own fault that I never enjoyed my life, but I never felt included in any aspect of society or felt like humans made any effort to include me. So these days it's just far easier to keep people at a distance and show them only the side of myself they seem to like than to actually work at bonding or building social skills. Also I'm a pretty terrible person but a wonderful liar so I can make people like me if I want them to but I can never seem to get anything I want out of them, not that humans have a lot to offer me these days. Oh well.

I used to always believe that life would get better one day but I've given up on that and so many other dreams. Really it's just stayed far too consistent and I find that consistency to be killing me. I need a change in myself that's the only way I see to make things better.
kingforonce kingforonce
18-21, M
Dec 4, 2012