Reflections On The Beach

A Belated Happy New Year to Everyone

A Reflection from the Past

One day a ffriend asked me:
"Where the heck have you been these past many months."
She said that I had been seen down at the beach alot.
She asked me how could  a deserted beach so interesting.

 At first I felt annoyance run through me,
But only briefly, for to be annoyed with my friend or anyone is not allowed.
Next was empathy for my friend.
For she is not a very happy soul, these past few years,
and can not seem to see the beauty around her.

We made a date to go for a walk the following weekend.
She headed home, and yes you guessed it,
I headed to the beach.

I arrived at the beach just as the sun was going to rest for the day.
Colouring the sky in a beautiful rainbow of colours
The soft rich colours reflecting on the ocean waves gave my heart such a lift.

So there I sat, in a quiet little cove, on an isolated beach.
Beckoned there by the call of the sea.
I am powerless,
I must obey,and heed the call,

I must go,
I need to feel ,to hear, and to absorb all
That Nature,The Gods, the Spirits have to teach me

Hear I sit
listening to the cry of the gulls,
The sounds of the ocean waves as they rush to shore.
I enhale the heavenly scent of the intoxicating salt air,
my body absorbing  the soft gentle spray from the ocean waves.
My eyes paint the scene before me on the canvas of my mind and heart,
So that whenever I close my eyes, the beauty of life is always there for me to enjoy.

The face of my friend comes to mind. and suddenly I know how to help her.
I think of all the wonderful people who have entered my life this past year.
I think of my internet friend, and wish them well.
I think of all the loved ones who have passed from this world to the next.
I am happy that they have been  apart of my life, and I miss them all.

I see the smiling face of my beloved husband.
I think of the joy and contentment that we have brought to each others lives.
 And I ask for many years to share this joy together.

I think of a year filled with lots of ups and downs.
A year filled with challenges aplenty.
A year filled with laughter and tears, both happy and sad.

I give thanks for this yeat that is about to end,
And thanks for the New Year that is about to start.

Once more I become aware of being back on the beach,
With cold wet toes,and a bright moonlite path, I head back to my car.

As I walk, I think of a verse that was told to me many many years ago.
Untill this night it did not mean much to me.
For I really did not understand it.
But tonigh it becomes so clear.

So I will share it with you,
and say good nigh to all,
Wishing  you all the very best in the New Year.

Blessed Be

Yesterday is but a dream,
And tomorrow is only a vision,, well lived
Makes every yesterday
A dream of Happiness
And every tomorrow
A Vision of Hope.
So look well, therefore, to this day

Blessed Be one and all
Author unknown

lilmisty2 lilmisty2
66-70, F
Jan 10, 2013