Another Core Values

My brother Howie is also a debater. This makes my growth process full of frustration. Expand the family discussion at a time, he always seems to be more agile, more persuasive.

He knows a lot of learning vocabulary, such as "even if", "on the contrary" What. Although I often lost in the domestic debate, but I also learned a valuable experience, let me in these discussions (and even controversy) feel more confident and relaxed: no one can become the winner of the conversation, and no one will be the loser .china business program

You can win a game of tennis, you can also lose a baseball game, but the discussion is not the case. The purpose of the discussion is the exchange of ideas, and to measure the pros and cons of the different points of view. In addition, the "losers" in the controversy is actually a "winner" because they have learned to the confrontation more.

This reminds me of another of our family core values​​: respect for education.

Here need to do something to distinguish. These days, the so-called "education", to the University, to a large extent still has the nature of vocational training. A specific profession, as if the one leading to the specific degree tickets, tickets in turn is leading to a specific occupation.

As a practical person, I am not criticizing this phenomenon. If you aspire to become investment bankers or management consultants, an MBA diploma is naturally the most effective way to achieve the goal. While studying political science major, is indeed the way to get into law school of business administration programs dba1a02ek

But I think this is a relatively narrow, goal-oriented learning, not the most important educational direction. Life you create, if we want to own as much as possible to live fulfilling, colorful, valuable, then we should try to learn not only include the necessary life skills, also include numerous outside professional knowledge.
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Jan 10, 2013