Life Happens, So Suck It Up Buttercup

Well both of the sayings in the title I am noted for saying and living by.
Well this morning my cat and dog decided to make me life by those sayings.

As is well known, my hubby is at sea, and while he is gone I do not sleep well.
So I relish the times when I do manage to fall into a deep sleep.

Well bed time for me tonight was 12:30 , and I guess I must have gone right out.
The next thing I know is it is 3 am,the cat is on the bed, the dog has her head on the bed talking to the cat.
Cat is growling at dog.
tried to kick cat off the bed, and he jumped on my back, dog starts barking.
thats it I am a wake, thanks guys.
Go out to family room, turn tv on, and laptop.
cat and dog chasing each other around. darn animal. You just have to act up and make me smile.
4:30 I am getting sleepy again, so decide to go back to bed,. As I walk into bedroom, something does not smell right.
You got it, Cat decided my closet was his potty.!
Now I am wide awake again, and not a happy camper. Stupid cat has the nerve to stand there and look at me. Grab cat, rub nose in mess, throw it out side, Dog stands at doggy door and barks at cat as if to say," haw haw, you got thrown outside,"
Go clean up- mess and shamphoo carpet in closet. Dog very smart, she lays down out of my way but close enough that she can keep an eye on mom.
So here I sit, with TV on, and laptop on my knee.
Dog on her bed and every so often she lifts her head to make sure I am still here.
Cat pokes head in doggy door and then comes to me to see if he is forgiven, Well I guess so this time
Will alittle bit of luck I should be able to go back to bed in a 1/2 hr or so.
In the mean time, sleep well my friends and blessed be
lilmisty2 lilmisty2
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Yep, that's a real "Life happens"