It All Started Like This

I knew it would happen eventually, I thought it was normal and that every girl has to go through it in the culture im from to gain her true status. Obviously, after, is only when I truly discovered that it was nothing more than an act of ignorance. That act is female circumcision. I was 10 when I underwent it. To this day what they done to my private part I do not know as I was ******** from the right to explore my true body. I cannot remember what my vagina looked like before I was only 10 and obviously didn't pay much attention to it at that age. From seeing pictures I can tell that my vagina in comparaision to others looks empty. My two inner lips are sewn together and my clitoris I cant remember what that looked like but I dont seem to have one. When I had the procedure done, I was laying down with my back on the ground and my knees foolded upwards while I spread my legs wide open. I was eager to prove I could undergo it and gain my status as a clean woman. The lady made my vagina numb I'm from the UK so the more money you have the more simpler the procedure is carried out. The only thing I could feel was the cold rubber gloves brushing above my genitals and tugging them, I then felt a stream of warm fluid rush down from my genitals and curve into my buttocks. I then felt a warm salty tear escape my closed eyelids, only now I realise that it was my voiceless womanhood that was dying to be heard. I opened my eyelids and saw my mother standing above the women observing and ensuring that she carries out the best job, I stared at her waiting for eye contact so she could see I was hurting. Her little daughter. But the perfection of destroying my vagina had her attention. My aunties and other members of the family stood by the door, not because they dreaded the procedure but hold me back if I attempted to run. The next thing I felt was a piercing, in, out, over, in , out and over. That was the thread sewing my lips together to conceal my vagina opening so that my virgin status is for certain up until I get married. The lady held hard onto my thigh and squeezed me and whispered "all done, now it'll feel like acid on your vagina when peeing so avoid liquid also avoid food pooing I humiliating while laying down, she confused me so I questioned "why laying down?" She laughed "well you don't think you'll be able to sit on the toilet spreading your legs opening the vagina I just closed". I understood later when they tied the bottom of my ankles and the upper part of my thighs together with a rope shaped fabric, this was to hold my legs together so that I didn't expand the thread and open my vagina. I limped around the house like a snail, and urinated for a good 45mins laying on my side on shower floor, I let my urine out bit by bit , it was so painful and felt like acid was thrown onto my genitals.most of the day i spent with a fan blasting onto my vagina to dry it out so that i didnt get infected. Our maid bought my food and checked on me but I hardly saw my mum she knew she couldnt give me a valid reason why she done this, she hid with her guilt. I was like this for a good 7days and then the woman came back and she removed my thread and smiled at her master piece art she played on my vagina "It looks so clean and neat. It's beautiful" she left and said to me "Tell your future husband he's welcome" . I did not understand at the time but later I did. - TO BE CONTINUED
ForeverAlone7 ForeverAlone7
18-21, F
Jan 12, 2013