A Little About Me.

I find myself typing, but not knowing a single thing onto what i should type. I find myself having a whole lot to say, but im quite not sure onto where to start. I'd like to say that i've been lost, broken hearted, and lied too.. But i can't because i'm always trying to find my way back when i'm lost. I can't say i am broken because my heart is still whole, and i can't say i've been lied to because that's what i want to believe.. That their all lies. I know im still growing up, but i find myself knowing way to much for my age, about love, about life, about mistakes. Sometimes i don't even feel like im a 'kid' , and i find that so sad because that's all i really want , to go back too rightnow, a plain old kid, who had nothing to lose and didnt care about money, friends, life, or even relationships. As a teenager growing up, i was taught all of the right things, and i am so blessed to have been. I find being taught all of the right things, but making all of the wrong mistakes, i know it's normal for a teenager to make a lot of mistakes, but not for me. I've always wanted to be different. But turns out, i can't. Because every kid through the process will make mistakes growing up. So, instead of me trying to be perfect. I make others feel perfect. I love making people feel better about themselves. I love fixing broken hearts, i love trying to help people find thier ways, and i love helping people realize the truth in themselves, when they only believe are the lies. And that's alittle about me.
TheNewMe1 TheNewMe1
Jan 15, 2013