America: Life And Death

My 4 month old son's father was shot by a Texas Deputy only 2 weeks after I gave birth. I never imagined in a million years what it would feel like to experience both a birth and a death within weeks time, never having gone through neither before than. To think the people who are supposed to be protecting people are the same who killed my fiance for speeding... ****, my whole life has been on pause since they killed my Pablo and now I supposed to go on for my first baby...How easy it is to become an American"statistic", how labels suddenly matter to me when Im standing in line at Kroger's reluctantly swiping my food stamp card because I have no way to work with no babysitter and running out of ways and desire to survive. Bouncing from place to place with my baby because none of mine nor Pablo's family want the baggage of extra people to feed. Is this the purpose of life? America my ***. Millions of people are homeless, starving,out in the cold tonight while the rest of the lucky ones cling to their artificial and vague concept of "life", turning their heads out of pride and lack of true empathy to the problems 45% of this country face on a daily basis. For me, my circumstances never fully allowed me to grieve for my fiance of 2 years or emotionally connect with my baby...but we can only go forward from here. There are people who need people, and love will guide us all where we need to be. Love you all, thanks for reading. (R.I.P Pablo)
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This is the link to one of the articles. Pablo(real name Roberto) was in the passenger seat while his buddy who was ****** up drove. When they were pulled over Pablo hopped in the driver seat his buddy hopped in the back. Pablo was wasted he meant to park the car but accidentally put it in reverse...the car rolled back and the officer emptied 10 clips-the whole gun-out in his body and head. White boy wasn't shot, the initial speeding driver. No weapons no warrants. Here is a link:

do not know what to say

i would love to here the rst of the story why he was shot did he have a weapon did he threat an office what date this happen so i can pull it up i do know a few attorneys

I agree with you
All my best wishes for you and courage!!! Blessings