Hiking Trip Story And Analogy

So I went hiking one year with the family and friends. It was a good time until the evening where the adult crowd broke out the coke. I was mid 20's and my parents were still into coke and crack. I myself am a pothead at best but have a weakness for trying other things. So I partook in the adult circle and did a few bumps and smoked some of the stuff. I don't remember getting off on it but more so of something to do. The night went and the morning came on our last day in the woods hiking out to the vehicles. I was irritable to say the least and just wanted to get the hell out of there, I was borderline hostile. So it took a while to hike back to the cars and the group split up.

I get into the car with my parents and start to drive off. Dad is half on and off the road driving slow when my sister mentions his bad driving. His excuse is they're looking out the window; sight seeing or whatever. I about flipped my lid when she wasn't acknowledged and start driving with better tact. I was yelling at my father, he stops the car and says if I don't like it I can get out an walk.

Well I got out, approached the drivers door egging him to come out and belligerently trying to get him to fight. Well they drove off leaving me in the middle of nowhere. I'm like over 150 miles from home somewhere in Pennsylvania. I begin to walk in disbelief that they'll let me cool down and pick me up probably. Well hours go by I started walking east with no sight of the parents, the direction towards home at least. I had just got done hiking the Appalachian trail 18 miles over the weekend and was already exhausted. I ended up walking about 20 miles that day before I hit the interstate and was picked up for hitchhiking. I walked thru stretches of area with not even a house in sight, I did come across and abandoned house and checked it out for a few minutes; decided I didn't want to stay the night there and chose to keep walking, I did find this cool medallion with hands together praying says" Whatever you shall ask in my name, that will I do"- it was a moment of enlightenment, I felt like God had placed that there for me, to give me faith to carry on with .

At this point I feel like I'm on my own and parents left me to figure out how to get back home. I've got about $5 in my pocket, I buy 2 bottles of water and a map from this gas station in this 1 light town I walked thru. So I eventually make it from a rural road to the interstate, trying to hitchhike. Nobody picked me up, I mean I look like some crazy without a jacket I don't blame them. The cop picked me up and takes me to the next closest town. Allentown PA where he took me to a homeless shelter where I stayed the night, talk about freaky scary but it was comforting I was in a better place than walking at night or that abandoned house I cam across earlier. The next day goes by and I'm trying to contact my parents, see if they can help me get home, I was over any anger and just wanted to get home. My dad still justifies his actions on the behalf he hitchhiked when he was a kid and not that big a deal. My mom was freaked out and worried, ended up she called around and found where I was. They bought me a bus ticket back home and I eventually made it back 2 days later.

I don't regret my choice but one thing I'll say is what kind of parents do hard drugs on a family outing and then leaves their son to walk home in the middle of nowhere even if he's acting a fool. The reason I was acting a fool is because of the drugs I was offered and did with them. Glad those times are over and won't ever forgive for this even though I can shake my head and nod like it's nothing. Drugs kill family relationships and anything else if you let it.. Here I am drinking a few and been smoking weed after a dry spell. It scares me that I could end up like them if I cared less. At the same time this is my relief and know this has to be temporary if I want bigger and better things like a good job, a loving wife and kids. All I want now is the love from my girlfriend, ask to marry her, have a couple of kids and ride off into the sunset.

It's amazing how life will show you what you need to see, there's a fork in the road even if you don't see it coming; you hardly do, I'm taking the only road I know that will lead me to happiness and that's called ethics, and the golden rule. I felt like I've had enough experiences to teach me at least to do unto others. I'm ready to enjoy new en devours and put the past behind me. It's shame no matter how many people can tell you something but you never get it till you experience it.

Then you get it and regret you thought you knew better. That, my friend is life I've found. Nothing to it but to just do it. Live and learn and try not to regret, learn! and change for the better, it's never too late. Look at us, we weren't born knowing how to be perfect and what fun would that be. We're all going thru this together, lets stand together and be there to help as you'd want to be helped..
pabloseeks pabloseeks
31-35, M
Dec 13, 2012