I never ate beans as a meal until I met my current husband. I've had them as side-dishes, but never as a main course. He really likes, them so I got used to them with rice, why is how he generally served them... but they were always the 'Rancho-type' ones that he got bought in a can.

... But then I started making my own pinto beans from scratch, using onions, garlic, peppered bacon, and my own spices.

Now I'm addicted to them! Eating isn't a very high-priority thing for me, and never has been (Too many economic, socio-political discussions at the dinner table when I was a kid), so I've never really cared about what I ate... but now I'm eating a crock-pot of homemade beans a week.

One of my sons, who went to Cordon Bleu cooking school, told me to take out the ones that float when I'm soaking because they're the ones that cause gas... Did you know that?

They're not doing anything wierd to me physically, so I guess that eating them all the time is okay. I just feel a little strange about it sometimes!
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I'm thinking about putting on a pot myself. Maybe black beans and rice, with turkey sausage.

Don't put the rice IN the beans! it'll soak up all of the liquid! Put the beans ON the rice!

I soak pinto beans overnight (don't forget to pick out the 'floaters' because they cause gas!), drain them, <br />
add 8 cups of water, <br />
3 tbs of chicken boullion, <br />
half of a large onion, chopped (You can add more if you love onions!)<br />
a tbs of chopped garlic, <br />
at least a pound of chopped peppered bacon, <br />
one tbs of comino (or cumin) (or curry,if you're desperate), <br />
a tbs ( or LOTS more!) of ground chili, <br />
at least a tsp of paprika<br />
Cook for a zillion hours <br />
and then add a good shot of balsamic vinegar when they're done.<br />
Stir!!!<br />
YUM!!!<br />
BTY, I might have left out a couple of ingredients, but they probably aren't important anyway!... and don't forget to drink between the times you check for doneness! LOL

Enjoy!... BTY... The chicken boullion is powdered, and, since I like salty, spicy foods, you might want to hold off on the 'Full Monty'! Any kind of dried beans will work. I use pintos, but as long as they're soaked overnight and drained,just about any kind will do. Let me know if you actually TRY it, okay? I use a crock-pot,but a slow simmer on the stove will work. Good luck and hope that you like it!