The Day I Realized Women Has Strength

My name is Sam , i am 22 now, Before 2 years ago , i was not aware about what women can do, i found some WWE divs have some muscles and they are highly trained so i agreed that they are stronger than most of the mens, but i thought normal feminine looking girls in our street or our girl friends are so weak and not able to carry a child weighted more than 20kg.

But in that day my girlfriend shows me what women really are. It was a normal day in college summer vacation. me and she are neighbors, most of the days she came to my house for time pass, we surf internet , watch movies or listen music together in all the day time in my room upstairs.

While surfing in various sites, she found a site which calculate our BMI (body mass index) for fun she calculated her BMI, she was 165cm and 60kg, (she is a little buff also) and she got a measurement 22.2, average for a women, next was my turn, i was at 175cm height and weighted same as her 60-61kg, but my measurement was 19.5 a below average for a grown man. Then she shamed me by calling me the words 'skinny' and 'weak'. Even thought i was skinny i had tuned chests and abs by regular excersice from my adolescence. so i was proud of my strength, to show of it i approached her and lifted her in a cradle style and throw her in the air, She laughed a lot, when i put her back in her feet she said any one can lift a 60kg even she. by saying that she suddenly hold me from behind and and lifted me off the ground like i did it before, Then i was laying in her hands like a cradle style. She was smilling , her face seems that she didnt had any hard effort to hold my weight. i was really surprised , i looked down again to ensue that my feets are off the ground, i feel so shameful and all my manhood prides are melted suddenly,

She didnt stops only by this, she wants to prove more, she tried an attempt to throw me up the air like i did to her just before. But it was a failure attempt, my body wasnt left her hands to the air, but maybe left for some micoseconds (Yet so impressive for 20 year old girl) , Then she was ready for another attempt, for arguing stregth she bent a little down and start pushing my weight upword, at that instant i act stupidly. i pushed her shoulder hard and tried to escape from her hands, because i didnt even imagine that i was thrown in air by my cute pretty girl friend,(may be because of my foolish manhood psychology). i was sure that she will achieve that by this attempt. By resultant of that act we both fell down . She laughed a lot she found a lot of fun in that.

It was my first experience in lift and carry from women, Honestly i didnt enjoyed that moments, The moments i am completely in my sweeties hands, i was so shameful at that moments, and i spoiled the moment by doing that stupid act. I was completely mood off on that day, some more days passed , eventuly my manhood thoughts are vanished and i realized that it was very nice to be carried in the beautiful hands of a women, espessialy she is ur girlfriend , Then i starts to fantasizing that moments when i am mastrb*ting. And i desided to experience that feels one againe from her

I will share it with u in another story
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22-25, M
Dec 7, 2012