Never Regret Live U Live Every Moment Of Ur Life

we live every moment of our life for other

without our knowledge we became slave of other

never got a chance or time to live for ourselves to do what we want

 now atleast let give  moment for myself

give me some sunshine

give some rain give me another chance

i wana grow up once again

learning the alpha beta gamma formula

writing the formula we forget to leave our  percious teenage days

the concentrated h2so4 has burnt our entire childhood days

now i am asking for the god to return my child hood days

asking god to give me some sunshine

and some raindrops and him  to give me other chance so i can live my life again to a fullest

now my childhood days gone and also teenage days gone now atleast let me live for myself


so guys live ur life to fullest so when ur out of ur age u dont sing this song u should give time to urself



kagome30 kagome30
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 10, 2010

Very good advice, Kagome.