Dream For Some......reality For Others!

When I heard the buzz about "50 Shades of Grey" I was curious, what the hell did they mean "Grey?". But when i started to read and realized that it was this sexy, oh so dreamy character named Christian Grey, I was so drawn to this book that I find myself smiling when I turn every page. When I read a book, i always place myself in the character's place to get the feel and bring the story to life in my head and I must admit..........DAMN!!!!. To make it more exciting, my fiance's name is Christian and like Ana, until I met him, I was "wet behind the ears" lol..... Take away some of that money (since i think one can have love without it), the material stuff (Charlie Tango, The Jet, the house in Aspen, the palace at Escala.....i think that covers it lol) and some of the drama (Crazy Lelia with a gun, Horny & Pedo Elana, Sic Jack Hyde, Christian's horrible past) and believe it or not, Christian & Ana have the relationship of someone you know...trust me. We all wanna try new things....we all try new things to spice up our relationships, married or soon to be in my case. I'm not saying go all out with the spanking and toys but the satisfaction and stimulation gained from a sexual experience like their's (Christian & Ana) is a fantasy worth exploring. Yes some of what they did eventually was repetitive and sometimes I found myself speeding through chapters to save my brain the torture, but then the chemistry shared between them was electrifying. I felt it when she was exasperated with him for being overprotective......choosing for her even if his choice was what she would have chosen herself, telling her what to do even when she may have done the same and feeling jealous and possessive when someone shows interest in what was his....this is my life to some extent but I must admit, I love it, just like she did....yes sometimes I wanna scream at him, but in my quiet time I understand why he does what he does, its all out of love. It's things like, not having you stay out late in fear that something terrible might happen especially if he's out of town (Christian left for NY and she stayed out with Kate), the fear he experienced must be something similar to what our Real men feel when we leave and they are not there to protect us. I have playful moments with MY CHRISTIAN :) we chase each other around the coffee table in te living room, we argue to the point that I wanna throw things at him, but we don't get that far....yes when he's upset about something I did he doesn't talk right away that's because he's processing.....Grey is like this, E.L character is a mirror image of several different men put together, some us are lucky to get parts of Christian Grey in one man while some may get less or too much lol ...he must be exhausting to live with lol In a nut shell, I enjoyed the book....it was one of the best erotica i have read in a long while and the story minus the Playroom experience, is and could be the normal life of some lucky girl out there....and in the playroom and boy oh boy what a love life lol I sure love the one I have....happy reading.
Nionse Nionse
26-30, F
Sep 9, 2012