Love It!!!

There's something magical and inspiring about the 1950s 'look'. At the risk of sounding ultra conservative I think they had the right idea about how to dress back then. Watching old movies makes me wish I could have been born in an era where women were oh so glamorous and not afraid of wearing red lipstick, petticoats and donning permed hair. Love It!!!

muffintop muffintop
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Muffintop, I think your philosophy about it should be taught in the school system today! No matter what the 1960's and 1970's started teaching about the equality of the sexes, there still *is* a difference between men and women. I think that, while some of the attitudes of the 1940-50's may have been wrong, the female fashions were right on! Regardless, I will always have the memories of the girls I went to school with and the ladies of the era.

I so agree with all of you. It was a magical time for women and girls. Scarves,so love the crinolines and how pretty they made a full skirt flare. What could be more feminine. gloves and or a hat were a must. Pretty cashmere sweaters on the shoulders even if it is 90 out. An era now gone by but I dream will return. A woman always changed her dress just to go to the store. I loved the crinolines and how pretty they made a full skirt flare. And hair???OMG<br />

Can't be more agreed with you, dear!

Oh, i so agree. i love it too! Classic fashion to beauty, sexy but not slutty.

The women looked absolutely gorgeous, don't you think?