Most Kinds Are For Me

There are very few flavors of tea that I don't care for. I found one today. I bought a big sampler pack from Stash Tea. I'm working on the Japaneese/Chineese tea box. I decided to try the Genmai Green Tea today. It's green tea with roasted brown rice. Once I put the hot water over the tea bag, it smelled like a bowl of puffed rice cereal. I was a little disappointed in the taste. I had to make a cup of regular black tea and mix it with the genmai tea to dilute the strong rice flavor. This is why I buy the sampler packs, it prevents me from ending up with 18-20 bags of a flavor I don't like.
DietIcedTea DietIcedTea
36-40, F
Mar 23, 2009