I Really Like This Girl And Need Help

Hey people I have a story to share, ok so back when I was 4 (I'm 16 now) I was in a playschool and there was a girl there, I always liked her but I never talked to her because she hung around with other people anyway I graduated out of the place after a year and never saw her again, until this year, it was early this year I had arranged to meet my two friends in town one Saturday and my friend said shed bring one of her friends from her school along with us, we went in to town and she arrived with my friend, I couldn't believe it was her, I'd always liked her even when I hadn't seen for 12 years I never forgot her, I actually know her properly now but she's very shy, it's ok though because she does talk to me and we always have long conversations on Facebook and stuff, the thing is I want to have her as a friend but I also really want to be with her, she's amazing and exactly the kind of girl I like, I'm not sure if she likes me as more than a friend and I don't want to make the situation more awkward because since she's so shy I've only recently managed to get her to start talking to me and if I ask her to go out with me and she doesn't it will screw everything up, so anybody, WHAT SHOULD I DO???? Thanks for reading my story guys
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2 Responses May 14, 2012

I would keep talking to her and feel her out. She may like you, too. If you feel the signals (you know what they are..right?), then you can just ask her out for a non-threatening cup of coffee or even lunch. Start your friendship and build it from there, if things go well. Good luck.

Thanks for that man but that was a while ago I've sadly discovered she is a complete ***** and is always talking about me and moaning about me, I honestly do not care about her though I just don't say anything to her anymore, but thanks for the advice maybe I can use it for other situations like that in the future

Take it one day at a time don't rush into anything