By Accident..

The first time I was peed on by a girl was by accident.  I was in hawaii with my girlfriend, and she had eaten some mushrooms.  She was having quite the trip and we decided to go at it.  She was on top of me riding my **** with a good pace when she said she had to go.  I was begging her not to stop because i was getting so close to *******.  Since she wasn't quite sober, she just started ******* on me while riding me.  I felt it immediately and began to freak out.  I mean, we were staying in my parents home, and I wouldn't be able to explain why the sheets or mattress had **** all over them.  Unfortunately we broke up soon after.  After thinking about the situation, i realized how much it turned me on.  The sensation was wonderful, so hot and wet.  I would love to experience something like that again!

ssgreen ssgreen
26-30, M
Feb 25, 2010