A Girl I Like With a Boyfriend At College

I like her a lot and also find her very attractive. We hang out all the time without her boyfriend knowing because he would probably be mad. He cheats on her up at college from what i hear, and she wants to cheat with me. She has asked me to have sex many times and it is getting hard to resist. Anyone have any input on what i should do or if i should call the whole thing off? I think it is somewhat wrong to do it when she has a boyfriend.

Lostsoul09 Lostsoul09
5 Responses Mar 18, 2009

have sexwith her...will be the most healthiest thing to do..

It is wrong, but we do not always do the right thing. I would stay away. Believe me. Somebody or everybody will get hurt and the longer you continue the harder it will be.

Upside i totally agree with your karma statement... i dont want to be ****** over in the future. <br />
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Blimey shes not getting back, she likes me and her and her bf are in an "open" relationship.

Yeah, I feel it would be best to wait until she is clear of the boyfriend, as much as a **** he may sound like, put yourself in the other person's shoes. Karma

It is wrong, she's using you to get back at him, if she had any true feelings or respect for you she would have ended things with her boyfriend.