A Girl In My Class

there is a girl in my class that i realy like but she has a boyfriend and she is my friend and i dont know what to do i wish some 1 will help me    i know were  she live because she rides my bus and i wish that some1 will tell me if she likes me

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13-15, M
1 Response Mar 7, 2010

dude, you are in the same position i was two years ago. First of if you haven't shown or even told her that you like her thats the first thing you should do. If she gives you a response something along the lines of "my relationship with my bf is going well". Then i suggest you move on mate. I know it'll be hard but find like an activity that you like to do and do it or just hang out with your friends, all these will help you get over her. I wish i knew what i know now because i wasted a year just waiting to see if their relationship would go bad or something, you have to move on if she says she does not like you that way. I've moved on after that whole year of waiting thing, and we're still great friends but i no longer like her that way and am able to pick up new chicks. Because when you try to wait for a girl it sends like this message to all other girls that you clearly aren't available, so i cant stress this enough you have to move on.<br />
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but if you reveal that you like her and she says she likes you back and breaks up with her bf then you're set